You Are Getting On My Nerves!

Things that BUG me:

People who drive 55mph or slower in the left hand lane. Tailgate drivers. People who block intersections or prevent left turns, even though they can’t go anywhere. And then after they block you in, they pretend they don’t see you. People who don’t wipe the snow off their car before they start driving, so that big chunks of snow and ice fall onto your car and you go off the road and die. People who don’t wipe off the machine they sweated all over at the gym so that you end up with swine flu. People who don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom and you end up with a raging infection, or Pink Eye, like poor Bob Costas. People who talk in the library. People who talk on cell phones in the library. Or in restaurants. Or talking on cell phones, loudly, anywhere. People who talk loudly with or without cell phones. Loud people. Ignorant people. Everybody.

Written by imperfect

Imperfect Mom is written by a mom with keeps her sanity by writing about the humorous side of life. She is married, has two teenage daughters, two cats and two dogs. She started this blog to remind herself that life is about sinking or swimming. Most days she swims.

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